What to Bring to Class

  1. Student Kit and Manual

    • Please bring your student kit and/or course manual that you received in the mail or via pickup from PROBEAUTY Group. 

  2. Pen and notebook

  3. Lunch

    • If your class runs all day, you will be given 30 minutes for lunch.

    • A lunch room is on site at both campuses.

    • Please ensure you follow any guidelines that are in place at this time while on your lunch break.

  4. Proper Uniform

    • Ensure you have your lab coat and other required elements of your student uniform as laid out in the dress code.

  5. Personal Protective Equipment

    • As part of our COVID policies, students will receive a reusable face mask and face shield on their first day of training. 

    • If you forget your face shield that was supplied to you, you will need to purchase one from the reception desk at the spa or the showroom staff.

    • You may choose to wear your own reusable face mask or disposable face masks during your training.

    • Disposable face masks are available at the entrance and in the classrooms.