Model Information

This page will outline key information about models, including items you'll want to verify with your models so they know what to expect.

Student Model Requirements

Models are required for in class training sessions. It is your responsibility as a student to find models for your classes. We have a listing of past models who have expressed interest in being a model for other students.

As a student, you may access these listings. Please note, you must be logged in to your student learning portal account for the model listings to be visible. Non-logged in users will not be able to see the model listing. View the model listings here.


Model times and fees are listed on the course overview page for each class, except in the case of Laser classes. (These fees range and will be determined in class depending on the area serviced)

All fee/time requirements for models can be found on the course overview page of each individual course. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and you will see a section labeled "Model Requirements" (located near the bottom). All details such as model times and fees will be available here.

If a st
udent wishes to pay the model fees for their models this is accepted, but not recommended.

Model Fees

A model fee applies for all models attending a treatment. Model fees are to be paid by the model when they come in to receive a treatment from you during class. You are responsible for notifying your models of the model fee and any relevant information to the class. You may choose to pay for your models yourself, which can be done at the reception desk. Any unpaid model fees are your responsibility. 


Model fees for each class can be found under the Model Requirements section on the Course Overview page of your class.


Please note, we do not accept cash payments for any services. Please ensure you notify your models of this policy. 


Parking is available at both campus location for students and for student models.

Main Campus

 Student parking is complimentary at the rear of the building.
 Model parking is available at the front of the building through the front entrance.

 Do not park in front of bay doors, garbage disposals, entry/exit zones

East Campus

 Student parking is complimentary at the rear of the building. (Angle Parking Only)
 Model Parking is available on the side of the building (Angle Parking Only) and the street.

 Do not park in front of bay doors, garbage disposals, loading dock or entry/exit zones (Gate entrance)

Checklist! Things you should let your model know:

 Service details of what they will be receiving
 Time of service - when to show up
 What to expect/results from the service
 Location / Parking
 Some locations have an open area with no privacy screens - if a privacy screen is needed please discuss this during consultation and speak with your educator
 Disclosing what the "Student Model Experience" will look like - If you are bringing in a model that will have multiple students joining to work on them, please disclose this and ensure they are comfortable.
 No one under the age of 16 is permitted. Please ensure your models come alone to treatments.