Join us for
Career Days!

  • Virtual Career Days
  • In-Person Career Days
    *Available at Main Campus or your location! 

  • Connect and learn about EIE Training Centre from the comfort of your home, classroom, spa or business!
  • Multiple employees, students, partners can join at once!
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About Career Days

Age: Ages 16 & Up required.


Group Size:  

  • Minimum of 4 participants required for bookings

  • Limit of 35 participants per tour, including all students, teachers and adults. Groups larger than 35 must book two tours.


Length: 2 hours 

For Virtual: Tours begin at scheduled booking time, please prepare and ensure you are set up and already live for the time of the booking. 


Fee: No charge for virtual sessions or in-person sessions


Bookings: On a first-come, first-served basis through our online booking system. 

*Once your tour is booked we will contact you to discuss and set up further details surrounding
the interactive component of the tour.


Preparing for Your Virtual Tour

We want your students/employees/ and team to have the best learning experience possible on their tour! To do this, we need your help. Prior to your tour, please:


  • Have your virtual session prepared and set up for the start time of the tour.

    • Have all students prepare any questions they may have so that they can ask during the Q&A at the end of the tour.

  • Have all interactive components prepared - these interactive components required or provided to you will be discussed prior to the tour date.



To participate in the program, your classroom will need:

  • Webcam that shows all participants, if possible

  • Large screen so all students can see the multimedia presentation

  • Speakers

  • The presentation will be hosted using ZOOM; please set to full screen once you are in.