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Welcome to EIE!

We are looking forward to seeing you progress in your online training and your hands-on practical training at our facility.
We are thrilled to welcome you as a student and cannot wait to see your skills unfold and watch you thrive in this industry!

What to Expect on Your Start Date

Your start date is listed on your student contract as the start of your program. This date is when you will gain access to the online Student Orientation course, as well as all of your online course modules for your program. 

Things to do before your Start Date

Create a login at pro-beauty.com

You will require a professional account at PROBEAUTY Group to order your lab coat and student kits. 

When creating your account, mark the section stating you are a student and enter the school name as EIE Training Centre. PROBEAUTY Group will verify your enrollment with us and your account will be activated within 2 business days of application. 

Pick up your Lab Coat

A white Lab Coat is required as part of your training. As part of your fees for the Full Esthetic Program, you are entitled to 1 free Lab Coat.

You will have 2 options to claim your lab coat:
  1. Shop in store at our distribution partner PROBEAUTY Group located at 6012 82 Avenue, Edmonton, AB. Please present the following coupon to our distribution partner in Edmonton to receive your free Lab Coat. In order to receive your lab coat you must present this coupon at the time of pickup.
  2. Purchase online at https://pro-beauty.com/ using the discount code: EIE-CDLAB23 at checkout
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Review the Student Handbook

Ensure you are familiar with all policies and procedures here at EIE Training Centre.

Sections to note:
  • Rescheduling and late policy
  • Dress Code 

Subscribe to our Communication Channels

Our WhatsApp community is a quick way for us to communicate with students via text message. We will use this community group to make important announcements, such as school closures, emergency model call outs, etc. We ask all program students to join the community during their studies so we can quickly relay important information to the student body. 
Our Student Newsletter is sent out every Friday evening with any updates from the past week,  upcoming events, class promotions, announcements for new course dates, etc. 
View FAQ page and student knowledge base for any questions you may have prior to reaching out to a member of our team. 
Student Aid Questions?
Contact Student Aid Student Service Centre!
Have a question not covered on this page or our help articles? Reach out to our advisors here.