Requesting a Student Spa Shift

The Student Spa is designed for students in the Full Esthetics and Advanced Clinical Diploma Programs to gain real world experience working in a spa setting. To learn more about your Student Spa Diploma requirements and book additional shifts, visit your Student Spa course.

Students can also get access to the Student Spa to complete missed models or complete their course quotas. Did you have a model that could not make it in? Did you have trouble filling all of your model time slots during your practical hands-on days? Request a day in Student Spa to complete your requirements!


  • If you are unable to complete the required number of models during your hands-on training session with an instructor, you will receive a passport. Your passport will include the name of the class that has outstanding models, as well as the number of models remaining to be completed. You will need to bring this passport to your Student Spa bookings for the instructor on staff to sign off on your completed models. 

    The same policies, fees, and model requirements apply for Student Spa bookings as your original class requirements. 


Students must have attended an in person class with an instructor and have received a Passport from their course instructor with the remaining model requirements listed. If you do not provide the Student Spa staff with your passport, they will be unable to sign off on your course model requirement completion. 

To request a date in the Student Spa, please fill out the form below. The Student Spa manager will confirm available dates and book you in for your session. 

Please note, you will be required to coordinate your own models for these services.