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Microblading Level 2 

Ready to take your Microblading skills to the next level? This course is designed to advance your knowledge and expertise in the field. Perfect for those who've mastered the basics and are hungry for more, this course is your ticket to unlocking advanced shading techniques. Elevate your career and offer clients superior results. Enroll now and become a sought-after Microblading expert!

This course is included in our Browtician Program and our Advanced Brow and Lash Technician Program

Online &
In Class

Estimated Time to Complete

3 Weeks

Theory Hours

6 Hours

In Class Hours

16 Hours


$1,495+ GST


Student Kit, Training

Prerequisite Required

This course requires certification in Microblading Level 1 and 6 months experience as a Microblading Artist. Proof of certification is required upon registration.

Learning Outcomes

The best instructors have designed the most motivating learning paths for you.

Master advanced microblading and microshading techniques

Develop expertise in both microblading (hair-stroke technique) and microshading (soft, powdered effect) eyebrow enhancement techniques, combining them effectively to achieve tailored results for diverse client needs.

Implement advanced pigment selection and color theory

Apply in-depth knowledge of pigment selection and color theory to match skin tones, hair colors, and client preferences, achieving natural-looking and harmonious eyebrow enhancements.

Execute combination brow techniques

Combine microblading and microshading techniques to create hybrid or combination brows, blending hair-like strokes with soft shading to achieve defined, multidimensional eyebrow effects.

Address post-procedure care and maintenance

Educate clients on post-microblading care instructions, including proper cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection to promote optimal healing and long-lasting results.

Troubleshoot common issues

Identify and troubleshoot common challenges in microblading, such as uneven pigment distribution, color fading, or client dissatisfaction, employing corrective techniques effectively.
At the end of your training you will have expertise in advanced microblading and microshading techniques, preparing you to offer sophisticated eyebrow enhancements that meet high standards of precision, artistry, and client satisfaction in the beauty industry.

How You'll Learn

Online Theory

Begin your training anytime online with our in depth theory training. Students will complete their theory training online prior to coming on campus for hands on lessons. 

Hands On Training

In depth hands on training with an instructor. Work on models with the guidance of an instructor to get real life practical experience performing services. 
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What's Included

E-learning Portal 

24/7 access to our online learning platform to study theory content, watch recorded demos, and complete theory assessments. 

Textbooks & Supplies

Unlock stress-free learning! With our course fees, textbooks and supplies are included. Dive into education without extra costs.

Hands On Training

Students will receive hands on practical training in person at our Edmonton campuses.

Official Certification

Receive your certification upon successful completion of the Theory and Hands On components.

In Class Training Overview

Microblading Level 2

Hands On Training

Day 1

Theory review
Practice on fake skins

Live demonstration
Practice on fake skins



Day 2

Students work on models

Our students love us

To have the experience working with the instructor during my practical was amazing. I enjoyed the instructor's support and expert advice at all times. I worked without stress, and I felt very confident while doing my training.
The course material was super interesting and Harmony was incredibly helpful and informative, it was probably my favourite class so far!
Advanced facials were very fulfilling and fun couple of days! I always really enjoyed receiving treatments as well!