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Important Updates, and Class Information

October 19,2022


Attention Students:
Friday October 21,2022 EIE will be closed from 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM and will reopen from 3:00 PM-5:00 PM

Classes have been adjusted and rescheduled as needed. If your class has been modified a notice has gone out.
If help is needed to reschedule please submit a ticket to the student advisor team so that they can assist you with the necessary changes.

Thank you for your understanding and working with us for this change.

Enrolled in a laser training?
As apart of your training you will need to complete the Laser Theory course which is a prerequisite of any of the Laser Training Courses offered at EIE Training Centre.
In your Laser Theory course a webinar is required, this webinar is titled "Laser 101". This webinar can be completed before or after your Laser Theory online final, but MUST be completed before attendance of any practical laser class of: LHR, LTR, and IPL.

Practical Additions/Availability:
*For all classes and most up to date availability refer to Vagaro (Practical booking system)
for all available dates and bookings.

Practical Dates / Online Lectures Webinars / New classes added

Student Spa Dates / Room Rentals

  • Makeup Artistry - December 8-9

  • Student Spa Availability
  • View the calendar for all spots!
*Does not include MDA for regular availability - Check title of booking to verify if MDA is available

  • Room Rentals
  • View the calendar for all spots!

Student Info!

Tips, Tricks and Training Requirements

Current student in need of support?

Make sure to explore your online portal and all resources available to you as a student of EIE Training Centre. If there is something that is not available on the resource pages or a question you may have, be sure to check your student knowledge base or FAQ page to see if it has been asked before! You can find most of your questions answered on the FAQ and student knowledge base.

If a question or resource is not listed and you still are in need of support, please submit a ticket or book a phone call appointment with a student advisor. Please know that phone call appointments for current students require an email to be sent for confirmation of appointment times (as listed in the booking details of the booking) if no email is sent you will not be confirmed for your appointment time, please know calls are subject to approval and should information be available to the student requests your appointment may be denied and asked that you refer to the available resources on our student portal.

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