Leave a Review Leave a Review Leave a Review Leave a Review Thank you for joining us for our open house! Your content goes here... Important Updates, and Class Information October 17,2022 Monday Friday October 21,2022 EIE will be closed from 8:30-2:00PM and will reopen from 2:00PM-5:00PM Review Past Newsletters Twitter Instagram Start Saving! Bring a Friend! October 17th - Between the hours of 1 - 7 PM Share this eventbrite link to your friend, family or others who may be interested in attending! More Info & Register >> More Info & Register >> More Info & Register >> More Info & Register >> Practical Additions/Availability: *For all classes and most up to date availability refer to Vagaro (Practical booking system) for all available dates and bookings. Practical Dates / Online Lectures Webinars Student Spa Dates / Room Rentals VascuLyse - November 7, 2022 Electric Filing - November 26, 2022 Pedicures L1 - November 28-29, 2022 Pedicures L1 EXAM - January 6, 2023 RMD - November 29-30, 2022 Business for Beauties ONLINE Final - December 13, 2022 Advanced Facials Webinar: September 27, 2022 @ 11:00 AM Laser Tattoo Removal (Session A) - November 3-4, 2022 BB GLOW Webinar - November 1, 2022 Pedicure Exam November 10 Student Spa Availability View the calendar for all spots! *Does not include MDA for regular availability - Check title of booking to verify if MDA is available Room Rentals View the calendar for all spots! Practical Training & Webinar Booking Student Spa Student Info! Tips, Tricks and Training Requirements Current student in need of support? Make sure to explore your online portal and all resources available to you as a student of EIE Training Centre. If there is something that is not available on the resource pages or a question you may have, be sure to check your student knowledge base or FAQ page to see if it has been asked before! You can find most of your questions answered on the FAQ and student knowledge base. If a question or resource is not listed and you still are in need of support, please submit a ticket or book a phone call appointment with a student advisor. Please know that phone call appointments for current students require an email to be sent for confirmation of appointment times (as listed in the booking details of the booking) if no email is sent you will not be confirmed for your appointment time, please know calls are subject to approval and should information be available to the student requests your appointment may be denied and asked that you refer to the available resources on our student portal. Quick Links you should know: Student Handbook Student Spa Student Incentive Program Student Knowledge Base & FAQ Student Room Rentals Affiliate Program Review Student Handbook for your Dress Code Attendance/ Rescheduling Reminder: Rescheduling is required 2 weeks prior to the scheduled class date for all classes including 'Online Components". Please review your schedule in advance to ensure that you are able to show up and complete these classes successfully. Rescheduling outside of the 2 week policy will result in an incurred rescheduling fee. Attendance and rescheduling can affect your training progress and may lead to suspension and/or expulsion by the Disciplinary Committee. If you are having issues with your attendance please review the student handbook. The EIE Live Learning App Take your studies on the go with you when you download the training app from the app store. Available on Google and Apple app stores. Apple Store Download Google Play Download Turn on notifications: Vagaro To receive notifications/reminders/rescheduling and class cancellations it is required for students to turn on notifications to opt in. How to do: You can do this by logging into your Vagaro Booking account and click "My Profile" in these settings you can then access your "Notification Settings". When in notification settings, turn on Email, and Text so that you are subscribed! Student Spa Available! Do you need to complete your in-class model requirements due to a model no show? We are here for you and want to help. Book in now! Review Student Spa Information Book in for the student spa Student Incentive Program! Pick up your brochure and sales tracking sheet today at the front desk of either campus at the end of your training day. The Student Incentive Program is for all active students training in a program and/or modular courses at EIE Training Centre. Students are eligible to receive rewards from PROBEAUTY Group or EIE MediSpa by meeting the sales goals of the program and by submitting the EIE Sales Tracking Sheet to either campus location. Learn more Room Rentals Available! Do you need a room or space to complete your quotas Our facility has created designated spaces for students to complete their quotas. These spaces are available for rent by any EIE student. We have created these spaces so that EIE students may book a space on campus grounds separate from their homes, to complete any/all quotas. Room Rentals are now available to all current EIE students with the rates of: $30.00 for 2 HR Bookings We hope that this available space provides peace of mind to our student body knowing that they have a space, other then there personal accommodations, to complete their class quotas. Review Rental Policies & Book Graduation and Diploma Request Have you graduated and received your certification or diploma for your program/courses? Don't forget to tag us on social in your posts so we can feature you and share in your excitement! Tag us: @eie_training_centre Ft: @skinbykayly_yyc Have Questions? Search your questions through the available articles on the FAQ and Student Knowlege base! Students can search through previously asked questions and can find answers or help for their current situations or troubleshooting needs. Click below to search through the articles! Find an answer to your question, search now! Need support? Book a technical support ZOOM appointment to resolve your technical errors. OR book a call with our Student Advisors for questions not related to your course that you need support on. Visit our website & click "Book A Call" In the appointment options click "Book Technical Support" Book A Call + Don't forget to update your full address! Your full address should include your street, province, and postal code! Have feedback on your course? We'd love to hear! Submit your feedback for your course directly in your course on the student portal. In the course you will find a section titled "Overall Course Feedback Form". Any feedback regarding your course, materials or learning experience can be submitted here. We look forward to hearing your experience and reviewing your submissions! Search Now Tickets are available for students who have questions, that have not been answered on the student knowledge base in the available articles. If your question does not align with our ticketing policies your ticket will not be responded to and will be closed. Please follow all guidelines if/when submitting a ticket and ensure the correct department is being contacted. Feedback for courses is not to be submitted via tickets and is to be submitted in your course on LearnWorlds in the "Feedback" Lesson of your course. Submit A Ticket Do you have a pending invoice? All invoices are required to be paid 30 days from date of issued invoice. If you have questions about your invoice, contact our team of student advisors by emailing reg@eietrainingcentre.ca TO SAVE USE THE CODE ON YOUR ONLINE PORTAL SIGN IN! VIEW YOUR PORTAL "my student page" FOR CODE CLICK TO SHOP ^^^Discount Auto Applied When Clicked Exclusion apply. See Terms of Sale for exclusions. REVIEW ON GOOGLE >> REVIEW ON FACEBOOK >> Webinars For students registered in a virtual sessions on Zoom: Training starts promptly at the scheduled time and students will not be permitted entrance into online classes past the start time. Students emailing after the start time of class will need to reschedule their class to a different date. Are you scheduled to attend a hands-on class? Make sure you read the student handbook to be prepared! To ensure that you are prepared for your hands on class, please review your student handbook for all mandatory information, as well as the bottom of this newsletter for important details you need to know when you are on location for your training. Important Notes: Students are required to show up for class prepared - this includes bringing any course materials that may be listed in your online course (kit, manual, etc), dressing according to the student handbook (in uniform) and arriving on time! Courses Requirements Ensure to review your course requirements prior to your course. If you are required to have/bring your kit and do not come prepared to class you may be asked to leave and reschedule. Check your class location! It is required by all students to be aware of their practical schedule and the location in where there class will be taking place. This is accessible to students by logging into their practical booking account. Students who show up to the wrong location and arrive at the correct location late will not be permitted entry. Student entry doors close at 8:50 AM. If you are not in your scheduled class before 8:50 AM you will be marked late not be permitted entry into the classroom. Students will be required to reschedule. To get reminders of your classes VIA SMS review your notifications and alerts in the practical booking system and turn on your SMS and email notifications. Don't be late for your practical training date! As the weather changes so must our driving habits and our wake up routine! Please make sure to provide yourself with enough time on your commute to your training sessions, so that you can arrive safely and on time for your practical hands-on training! Reminder: Doors for both campus locations are open at 8:30 AM and close at 8:50 AM. Please make sure to arrive and be prepared for your class. If the door is locked at either location, you are late for your course and will not be permitted entry into your class. Inside shoes required! Students scheduled for practical training will be required to bring their inside shoes with them for class and change upon entry into the building. All outside shoes can be carried to your lockers or stored in the provided shoe racks at both facility locations. COVID? What do I do if I'm feeling sick with flu or COVID symptoms, if I have tested positive for COVID-19, or if I have been in contact with someone who has tested positive? Find out, CLICK HERE! Practical Training Requirements: ALL COURSES All students registered in any practical training are required to have their online theory component completed in full one week prior to the practical training date. Advanced Courses - Prerequisites required Students booking in for hands-on practical will need to complete all required prerequisites prior to booking in for practical hands-on training for any Advanced Course. If you have not completed your pre-requisite course fully you will not be able to attend the course and will be required to reschedule your practical booking. *A rescheduling fee may incur. *Facials - Level 1 course must be completed prior to attending or booking in any practical training for any advanced courses, you must complete the full Facials - Level 1 course (Theory and Practical) to move forward and book your advanced practical hands on courses. *Completion of theory only provides you access to LW theory ONLY for advanced classes *Chemical Peel - Level 1 course must be completed in full (Theory and Practical) before being able to attend the advanced course of Chemical Peel - Level 2 for Theory Training and Practical. *Laser Theory course must be completed in full (Theory and Practical) before being able to attend/start any of the laser courses. Hands On Training While attending our facility for your hands-on training please be mindful to follow all social distancing protocols as these protocols are still in place for all students, staff, and models. All students are required to review and follow the safety protocols prior to attending the facility. These protocols can be found near the bottom of this email - highlighted in red. Please review the materials below prior to your arrival for your hands-on practical training: No walk-ins. Students are required to book their practical hands-on training through the online booking portal. If you have not reserved/booked your hands-on practical training through the booking portal you will be unable to join the classes at the facility and will be required to book a spot for the next available date. Students are required to show up prepared to learn with their lab jackets, indoor footwear, and any course materials required by their instructor or as listed on their course booking page. Any personal items will not be permitted into the classrooms and will be required to be put away in your locker or left in your vehicle/at home. If students are sick it is advised to stay home and notify the student advisor team by submitting a ticket. If you are late you will not be permitted entry into the class. Doors are open at 8:30 AM and are closed/locked at 8:50 AM please ensure you provide yourself with enough time to arrive and be prepared and on time for your class. Children are not authorized to be at either location, please prepare and organize for child care ahead of time if required. Station clean-up records are provided at all student stations. It is a requirement that between each client the student disinfectant and follow clean up procedures as well as fill out the cleanup record to present to their client before beginning any services or consultations. Cash is not an acceptable form of payment, please inform your models when booking so that they are able to provide alternate methods of payment. Our facility will be limiting all linens for services, upon your arrival all esthetics beds will have no bed sheets, blankets, or towels. Book your Hands-on Training and Exam For matters regarding Student Loans, please contact Alberta Student Aid directly at 1-855-606-2096. Link to Alberta Student Aid Website is below: Link to Alberta Student Aid Do you have loans from Student Aid? Prepare yourself before your end date for your repayment If you are in the final months of your training you should be taking this time to evaluate your Alberta and Canada Student Loan. After your training period ends you will have a 6 months grace period before your repayment period begins, during this time you will receive an email from both Alberta and the National Student Loan centres about repayment. Please click the following link to learn more about the Repayment Process as well as helpful tips! Student Aid Alberta - Repaying your Loan Struggling to make your loan payments? It is very important to stay on top of your Student Loan payments and to make your payments on time. Please remember that late or non-payment can seriously affect your credit score, as well as hurt your chances of getting another student loan or any loan in the future. If you need help reducing your loan payments or can't make payments, you may be eligible to apply for the Repayment Assistance Plan(RAP). The Repayment Assistance Plan (RAP) is available for both Alberta and Canada student loans. If you are eligible for the Repayment Assistance Plan, an affordable payment will be calculated based on your family size and income. Some borrowers will not need to make any monthly payments; others will make an affordable monthly payment. If you need to continue receiving repayment assistance, you have to re-apply for the Repayment Assistance Plan every 6 months. RAP PROGRAM At this time our Student Services Office is working remotely and is available to assist you via email at reg@eietrainingcentre.ca. Phone calls and in-person visits are not supported at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.