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Dear Students, 

We hope this message finds you well. Recently, there has been an incident where a WhatsApp number, purportedly belonging to one of our educators, was used for communication outside the WhatsApp platform, specifically via iMessage, regarding training questions. 

We want to bring this to your attention and issue a reminder about the importance of verifying communication channels for your safety and privacy. It's crucial to note that not all numbers associated with WhatsApp profiles may be up-to-date or accurate. 

To mitigate potential risks, please adhere to the following communication guidelines: 
  • Use WhatsApp Exclusively for Training Communication: All communication related to training concerns, questions, or mentorship groups should be conducted exclusively through the WhatsApp platform. 
  • Avoid Texting or Calling Outside WhatsApp: Be cautious of using phone numbers listed in WhatsApp profiles for texting or calling, especially if it involves training matters. Use only the designated communication channels within the WhatsApp platform. 
  • Report Suspicious Activity: If you encounter any instance where a WhatsApp number is being used outside the platform for training communication, please report it immediately to the Student Advisor Team.

If you are not apart of a mentorship group or using the WhatsApp platform during your training, please review your student handbook and/or FAQ and student knowledge base for who to connect with for assistance in your training.


Our Student Knowledge Base and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) are your first stop for answers to a multitude of queries. Whether it's course-related, technical issues, or simply looking for guidance, we've got you covered.

Here's why you should explore this treasure trove:

1️⃣ Comprehensive Guidance: Find detailed explanations and insights into various aspects of your courses and training.

2️⃣ Instant Solutions: Get quick answers to common questions, saving you time and helping you stay on track.

3️⃣ Easy Navigation: It's designed with you in mind - user-friendly, accessible, and organized for your convenience.

4️⃣ Empowering Your Journey: Take charge of your learning experience by finding solutions independently.

Before reaching out to our support team, why not try the Student Knowledge Base and FAQs? It's the secret to unlocking swift solutions and enhancing your EIE Training Centre experience. If the answers you are searching for are not available you can then submit a ticket to connect with our administrative offices.
Please know that replies can be expected within 48 business hours / 6 business days.

Start exploring today and empower your learning journey with EIE Training Centre! 🚀


Student Services Office is available by appointment only. For assistance please review the FAQ an student knowledgebase. Phone calls and in-person visits are available by appointment only.


For matters regarding Student Loans, please contact Alberta Student Aid directly at

1-855-606-2096Link to Alberta Student Aid Website is below: