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Theory is required to be completed 1 week prior to any practical training.

May 05, 2022



New Updates!

Important Updates, and Class Information

Office Closed: Friday, May 6th, 2022
Our office will be closed all day on May 6th, 2022.
Departments closed include but are not limited to: Tech Support,Student Advisor offices, administration office and ticket office.

Any tickets submitted will be reviewed and responded to beginning Monday, May 9th, 2022. Thank you for your patience and we look forward to assisting you Monday!

May 2 - May 9, 2022

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Attendance/ Rescheduling Reminder:
Rescheduling is required 2 weeks prior to the scheduled class date for all classes including 'Online Components". Please review your schedule in advance to ensure that you are able to show up and complete these classes successfully. Rescheduling outside of the 2 week policy will result in an incurred rescheduling fee.

Attendance and rescheduling can affect your training progress and may lead to suspension and/or expulsion by the Disciplinary Committee. If you are having issues with your attendance please review the student handbook.

Practical Additions/Availability:
*For all classes and most up to date availability refer to Vagaro (Practical booking system)
for all available dates and bookings.

Practical Dates / Online Lectures Webinars

Student Spa Dates / Room Rentals

  • Reiki L2 - July 9
  • Reiki Share - August 20

  • Student Spa Availability
  • May 12!
*Does not include MDA for regular availability

  • Room Rentals
  • May spots available!

Student Info!

Tips, Tricks and Training Requirements

The EIE Live Learning App is here!

Take your studies on the go with you when you download the training app from the app store. Available on Google and Apple app stores.

Turn on notifications: Vagaro

To receive notifications/reminders/rescheduling and class cancellations it is required for students to turn on notifications to opt in.

How to do:

You can do this by logging into your Vagaro Booking account and click "My Profile" in these settings you can then access your "Notification Settings".

When in notification settings, turn on Email, and Text so that you are subscribed!

Student Spa Available!
Do you need to complete your in-class model requirements due to a model no show? 
 We are here for you and want to help. Book in now!

Student Incentive Program!
Pick up your brochure and sales tracking sheet today at the front desk of either campus at the end of your training day.

The Student Incentive Program is for all active students training in a program and/or modular courses at EIE Training Centre. Students are eligible to receive rewards from PROBEAUTY Group or EIE MediSpa by meeting the sales goals of the program and by submitting the EIE Sales Tracking Sheet to either campus location.

Room Rentals Available!
Do you need a room or space to complete your quotas  

Our facility has created designated spaces for students to complete their quotas. These spaces are available for rent by any EIE student. We have created these spaces so that EIE students may book a space on campus grounds separate from their homes, to complete any/all quotas.

Room Rentals are now available to all current EIE 
students with the rates of:
$30.00 for 2 HR Bookings

We hope that this available space provides peace of mind to our student body knowing that they have a space, other then there personal accommodations, to complete their class quotas.

Have you graduated and received your certification or diploma for your program/courses?

Don't forget to tag us on social in your posts so we can feature you and share in your excitement!

Tag us: @eie_training_centre

Ft:  @skinbykayly_yyc

Have Questions?
Search your questions through the available articles on the FAQ and Student Knowlege base!

Students can search through previously asked questions and can find answers or help for their current situations or troubleshooting needs. Click below to search through the articles!

Need support?
Book a technical support ZOOM appointment to resolve your technical errors.
OR book a call with our Student Advisors for questions not related to your course that you need support on.

Visit our website & click "Book A Call"
In the appointment options click "Book Technical Support"