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Theory is required to be completed 1 week prior to any practical training.

May 30, 2022



New Updates!

Important Updates, and Class Information

Attention students 
Notices will be provided at the student entrance for when Maintenance Workers and Visitors are on duty for the day. 
These notices will be available at student entrances at both campus locations.

Tuesday, May 31st, 2022 we will have a videographer / photographer on campus. They will be on duty and will be entering classrooms that have been authorized for visitation. Please be welcoming to our visitor and take the opportunity to engage.

Your educator will provide you with notice at the beginning of the day if the videographer / photographer will be visiting your designated classroom.

Want to look your best as an EIE Student? Be sure to follow the required student dress code and the below:

EIE Medispa is looking for models for ‘The Revival’ Open House on Sunday June 5, 2022!

On Sunday, June 5th from 11 am-3pm EIE Medispa is having an open house and we are looking for some ‘extras’ to help with one of our showcases ‘Hands-on with the Hand Helds’ with Harmony.  

This showcasing will be to introduce, educate and show the hand-held devices that are available to purchase for clients to enhance their at-home skincare routines. Clients are welcome to come in, sit down, put on a sheet mask, and give the hand-held device a go for themselves, while Harmony discusses the benefits of using them, and the correct techniques to do so.  

 Of course, there will be some clients who won't be wanting to put a sheet mask on and give it a go themselves but would be happy to watch someone else- and this is where you would come in! Come on in, at any time throughout the event, for any period of time to be a ‘model’ and take a seat, put a sheet mask on and either let Harmony demonstrate one of the handhelds on you or use it on yourself. Each student that participates will be able to receive a $50.00 spa credit for Spa services that will never expire. You do not need to come in your student uniform, everyday dress is acceptable.

If you are interested and think you would like to be a model for this event, please contact Jessica at the Spa directly by email at