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Theory is required to be completed 1 week prior to any practical training.

March 28, 2022



New Updates!

Important Updates, and Class Information

Spring Break!
Spring break is in session, this means that our education team is out of office however there are still a few classes in session that will continue as scheduled.

For any assignments submitted these will be reviewed upon our instructor return on April 4, 2022.

We wish everyone a wonderful spring break!

Attendance/ Rescheduling Reminder:
Rescheduling is required 2 weeks prior to the scheduled class date for all classes including 'Online Components". Please review your schedule in advance to ensure that you are able to show up and complete these classes successfully. Rescheduling outside of the 2 week policy will result in an incurred rescheduling fee.

Attendance and rescheduling can affect your training progress and may lead to suspension and/or expulsion by the Disciplinary Committee. If you are having issues with your attendance please review the student handbook.

Parking Reminder - Students & Student Models:
Parking is available at both campus location for students and for models. A recap has been provided below for a reminder of what parking is available and where + where not to park when on campus for your training.

Main Campus

YES: Student parking is complimentary at the rear of the building.
NO: Do not park in front of bay doors,garbage disposals, entry/exit zones
*Please instruct your models of where parking is available and not available.

East Campus

YES: Student parking is complimentary at the rear of the building(Angle Parking Only) Overflow parking is available on the side of the building (Angle Parking Only) and the street.
NO:  Do not park in front of bay doors,garbage disposals, loading dock or entry/exit zones (Gate entrance)

Please ensure to inform your models ahead of their appointments about parking availability and where + where not to park on their visit to EIE Training Centre to ensure a smooth and successful visit.

Mask Requirements:
In response to the recent masking mandate changes from the province of Alberta and City of Edmonton, staff and students are no longer required to wear a face mask in public areas, such as hallways or lunchrooms. Students and Instructors are required to wear  a face mask while in the classroom when services are being performed by an instructor or other students. Clients and models of EIE Training Centre are not required to wear a mask unless they wish to do so.

Theory & Practical Additions/Changes: