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Theory is required to be completed 1 week prior to any practical training.

June 16, 2022



New Updates!

Important Updates, and Class Information

Practical Additions/Availability:
*For all classes and most up to date availability refer to Vagaro (Practical booking system)
for all available dates and bookings.

Practical Dates / Online Lectures Webinars

Student Spa Dates / Room Rentals

  • Extreme Shapes - June 17
  • Facials Level 1 EXAM - June 20

  • Adv. Facials WEBINAR - June 20 , 3:30 PM

  • Threading - August 4

  • Threading - September 16

  • Eyelash Ext L2 - August 18, 19

  • Eyelash Ext L1 - August 22, 23

  • Airbrush Tanning - July 12

  • Teeth Whitening - July 12

  • Artificial Nails L1 - July 13-15

  • Student Spa Availability
  • View the calendar for all spots!
  • July 6
*Does not include MDA for regular availability

  • Room Rentals
  • View the calendar for all spots!

In Person Orientation Days are here!

Orientation days are back! Students will have the opportunity to attend in person orientation days to get started with our team and learn about EIE. This will be a required day for all new students enrolled in a program at EIE however is open to existing students looking for a refresher on the policies, procedures and resources that are available at EIE Training Centre.

EIE Training Centre will be reaching out to students who have been enrolled in a program from MAY 2022 - JULY 2022 to ask that you join us and partake in this orientation day. A student advisor will be in contact with you to connect and provide you with further details.

If you are a current student and are interested in joining us for our next orientation day please submit a ticket to our student advisors by emailing advisor@eietrainingcentre.ca with the subject line "ORIENTATION DAY"

Email body must include:

  1. Your full name (First, Last Name)
  2. Phone Number
  3. Email Used for Registration
  4. Program you are registered in

In person orientation days will require students to bring the following materials.
  • Laptop and charger
  • Pen 
  • Notebook
  • Closed Water Bottle / Tumbler 

Student Info!

Tips, Tricks and Training Requirements

Current student in need of support?

Make sure to explore your online portal and all resources available to you as a student of EIE Training Centre. If there is something that is not available on the resource pages or a question you may have, be sure to check your student knowledge base or FAQ page to see if it has been asked before! You can find most of your questions answered on the FAQ and student knowledge base.

If a question or resource is not listed and you still are in need of support, please submit a ticket or book a phone call appointment with a student advisor. Please know that phone call appointments for current students require an email to be sent for confirmation of appointment times (as listed in the booking details of the booking) if no email is sent you will not be confirmed for your appointment time, please know calls are subject to approval and should information be available to the student requests may be denied and asked that you refer to the available resources on our student portal.

Quick Links you should know:

Attendance/ Rescheduling Reminder:
Rescheduling is required 2 weeks prior to the scheduled class date for all classes including 'Online Components". Please review your schedule in advance to ensure that you are able to show up and complete these classes successfully. Rescheduling outside of the 2 week policy will result in an incurred rescheduling fee.

Attendance and rescheduling can affect your training progress and may lead to suspension and/or expulsion by the Disciplinary Committee. If you are having issues with your attendance please review the student handbook.

Attention students
Notices will be provided at the student entrance for when Maintenance Workers and Visitors are on duty for the day.
These notices will be available at student entrances at both campus locations.

1x a week we will have a videographer / photographer on campus. They will be on duty and will be entering classrooms that have been authorized for visitation. Please be welcoming to our visitor and take the opportunity to engage.

Your educator will provide you with notice at the beginning of the day if the videographer / photographer will be visiting your designated classroom.

Want to look your best as an EIE Student? Be sure to follow the required student dress code and the below:

The EIE Live Learning App is here!

Take your studies on the go with you when you download the training app from the app store. Available on Google and Apple app stores.

Turn on notifications: Vagaro

To receive notifications/reminders/rescheduling and class cancellations it is required for students to turn on notifications to opt in.

How to do:

You can do this by logging into your Vagaro Booking account and click "My Profile" in these settings you can then access your "Notification Settings".

When in notification settings, turn on Email, and Text so that you are subscribed!

Student Spa Available!
Do you need to complete your in-class model requirements due to a model no show? 
 We are here for you and want to help. Book in now!