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Reminder: Theory is required to be completed 1 week prior to your in-person practical training.

Important Updates, and Class Information

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Say hello to the new EIE Study Zone!

This space is designed to allow students a quiet space to study their theory and provides an optional laptop loan for the booking time if students are in need of a device to learn on.

Learn more by clicking the button below!

Mentorship Program!

The mentorship program is designed to motivate and assist students with check ins on progress in their program at EIE Training Centre. 

Our goal is to build connection, contribution, and community.

To review details of this program, 

watch the recording by clicking the button below!

Passcode: H$7Ut&xj

Have a class coming up but have not received your model times? 

Our laser courses as well as MPR, RMD, and VascuLyse require students to book and have models for the practical training dates, however appointment times are not visible until 1 week prior to the training date

 and are provided via email.

To ensure you are receiving and reviewing your model times for your upcoming class please review your emails.

We advise all students if they have not received their model times to clear their cache as well as check the junk folder in your email.

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The daily student newsletter will now be updating to be shared 1x a week.

Newsletter will still be sent out at 6:00PM.

Notices that require student attention will be sent out as needed.