EIE Training Centre: Student Update October 7, 2021📢 Check in to see today's student update!
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October 7 2021



New Updates!

Things you need to know:

We are closed for the long weekend!

EIE will be closed from October 9 - 11, 2021.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are switching our booking portal!

EIE is switching booking portals for practical training booking systems. This switch being made will transfer all bookings made from Wellness Living to Vagaro!

Students will be unable to book any new classes in the portal during this time.


Theory & Practical Additions/Changes:
*For accurate information please refer to your Webinar ZOOM page for all ZOOM webinars, and your Wellness Living (Practical booking system) for all available practical training dates.

New Practical Dates added!

  • ADDED:
  • Body Treatments: Nov 27-28
  • Artificial Nails L1 Exam: Nov 10
  • Dermaneedling: Nov 1-2
  • IPL: Nov 23-25
  • Body Sugaring: Dec 2-3
  • Teeth Whitening : Nov 27
  • Airbrush Tanning: Nov 27
New Student Spa Dates
  • ADDED:
  • October 7 (MDA Available!)
  • October 8
  • October 15

New webinars added!

  • November Dates Added!our courses!

New course on the student portal:
Student Orientation Course!

A new course has been added to the Online Portal!

We have recently added our student orientation course, this course covers all materials and resources that students working through a program are required to know when attending their training or working through their theory on the online portal.

All students who have been registered into programs now have access to this course!
*This course is not a requirement to complete your program, but has been provided to you to aid in your knowledge of tools and resources accessible to you as a student of EIE Training Centre.

Should you feel that you would benefit from this course please message our student advisor team by submitting a ticket. Our student advisors will enroll you into the course free of charge!

^ NEW! SMS Updates Available!

SMS Reminders are available for Practical Training bookings.

These reminders provide text message notification for upcoming reminders for class bookings. These updates include information on your booked classes: Name, Date, Time and Locations.

To opt in for SMS messaging please review your Wellness Living account and turn and subscribe to SMS messaging in your notification settings.

Things you should know: