EIE Training Centre: Student Update October 29, 2021📢 Check in to see today's student update!
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October 29 2021



New Updates!

Things you need to know:

Student Reminder:

Main Campus Spa Waiting Room

This is a reminder that the Spa waiting area and products provided in this area are not for student use and are for EIE MediSpa.

It is required that all students attending the Main campus use the student lunch room on the second floor.

Update to all Class Webinars

Webinars for November onward will require students to register for a session on Vagaro (the class booking portal).

Students can search and book available webinar sessions in the same manner as booking in class training. This new method of booking your webinars will allow you to easily view if webinar dates conflict with any other in class training, as well as send you reminders about the upcoming webinar. You'll also now receive links to join via email or via text message! Make sure you update your profile to opt in for text reminders if you would like to take advantage of this feature.

Class Reminder Notifications

We want to apologize for any confusion in recent email or text notifications for your class reminders.

We have updated the reminders to include the course name which will have the campus location beside it. Please go to the campus listed beside the class name on your notifications. The map at the bottom of the notifications will display the Main Campus as this is set as our head office in the program.

Turn on notifications: Vagaro

To receive notifications/reminders/rescheduling and class cancellations it is required for students to turn on notifications to opt in.

You can do this by logging into your Vagaro Booking account and click "My Profile" in these settings you can then access your "Notification Settings".

When in notification settings, turn on Email, and Text so that you are subscribed!

Theory & Practical Additions/Changes:
*For accurate information please refer to your Webinar ZOOM page for all ZOOM webinars, and your Vagaro (Practical booking system) for all available practical training dates.