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November 26, 2021



Winter Break: December 20 - January 3, 2022
Student Newsletters paused from December 15 - January 3, 2022

Classes just added!
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Do you have a pending invoice?
All invoices are required to be paid 30 days from date of issued invoice. If you have questions about your invoice, contact our team of student advisors by emailing reg@eietrainingcentre.ca

In Class Reminder: Smart Devices
Cell phones and smart devices are not permitted in class unless otherwise instructed by your instructor. Smart devices are disruptive and disrespectful to your fellow students and the faculty.

Students with cell phones or smart devices (Apple Watches) who are using these devices inappropriately in class will have their phone confiscated (returned at the end of the class) and or be asked to leave the class.

In case of emergency, please provide your loved ones with the number to the location you are at, and our staff will ensure that you are notified. If students would like to take before and after photos during class, we ask that they notify the instructor and the instructor will arrange time to do so. 

Students who refuse to respect our cell phone policy will be asked by the instructor to leave the class and the student will be required to re-enroll and pay the rescheduling fees incurred. 
(Pg. 20, S.21A)

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