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Starting February 15, 2022: All students will be required to have theory completed 1 week prior to their practical training date, in order to attend the practical training. This is in place for all classes at EIE

January 28, 2022



New Updates!

Important Updates, and Class Information

Theory & Practical Attendance Requirements

Starting February 15, 2022 all students will be required to have the theory of their course(s) completed 1 week prior to the scheduled in-class practical start date.

Suzy has Dermaplaning scheduled for March 1st.
This means Suzy must have completed the full online training in LearnWorlds for Dermaplaning and have her Theory certificate by February 22,2022

Thank you for understanding and we look forward to seeing you in class!

Theory & Practical Additions/Changes:
*For all classes and most up to date availability refer to Vagaro (Practical booking system)
for all available dates and bookings.

Practical Dates

Webinar Dates

Student Spa Dates

  • Waxing Exam, Feb 14
  • Nail Art Classes 2022
  • Reiki Classes 2022
  • Facials L1, Feb 28 - March 3
  • Body Treatments, March 18 - 19
  • Braz Waxing, April 8
  • Braz Waxing, May 20
  • Chemical Peel Level 1, March 9-11
  • Dermaneedling, Feb 28 - March 1
  • Chem Peel L2, Mar 24
  • Facials L1, Mar 7-10

  • New dates added up to and including April 2022!
  • Dermaplaning - March 1
  • Laser 101 - March 4
  •  Dermaplaning - March 4
  • Derma Needling - March 4
  • Facials Lessons 1-3 - March 4 
  • Facials Lessons 4-7 - March 4
  • Chemical Peel L1 Jan 31

  • Body Contouring with MPR - March 25
*Does not include MDA

Student Info!

Tips, Tricks and Training Requirements

Turn on notifications: Vagaro

To receive notifications/reminders/rescheduling and class cancellations it is required for students to turn on notifications to opt in.

How to do:

You can do this by logging into your Vagaro Booking account and click "My Profile" in these settings you can then access your "Notification Settings".

When in notification settings, turn on Email, and Text so that you are subscribed!

Student Spa Available!
Do you need to complete your in-class model requirements due to a model no show? 
 We are here for you and want to help!

Room Rentals Available!
Do you need a room or space to complete your quotas 
 We are here for you and want to help!

Our facility has created designated spaces for students to complete their quotas. These spaces are available for rent by any EIE student. We have created these spaces so that EIE students may book a space on campus grounds separate from their homes, to complete any/all quotas.

Room Rentals are now available to all current EIE 
students with the rates of:
$30.00 for 2 HR Bookings

We hope that this available space provides peace of mind to our student body knowing that they have a space, other then there personal accommodations, to complete their class quotas.